Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment will the doctor use?

Your doctor will use a combination of overhead torches, magnifying lenses and a dermatoscope. A dermatoscope is a handheld tool with magnification and special lights that looks through the skin. This allows the doctor to assess for features that may indicate skin cancer. Please note that the doctor may feel spots on your skin as the texture often helps with the diagnosis.  The doctor may take a photograph of a spot so it can be assessed immediately and possibly monitored over time for any change using DermEngine software.

What clothes do I need to remove?

We are sensitive to the fact that you may feel uncomfortable removing clothing. Please be aware that skin cancers can occur on skin that never see the sun and the more skin we examine the more thorough the check is. It is usual to remove your clothes down to your underwear however if you are not comfortable with this you can choose what you wish to remove. You are very welcome to bring a support person with you. We have both female and male doctors available so let us know when booking if you have a preference.

What happens if a skin cancer is found?

Your doctor will advise you if anything requires further testing or treatment. The doctor will discuss the options and you will have the opportunity to ask questions.  In most cases, when found early, skin cancer is easily and successfully treated with surgery only. Most cancers are cured once they are removed. If any additional treatment is required we will discuss this with you. After a lesion is removed it is sent to a laboratory for testing. Receiving the test results can take up to three weeks after which time you will be notified.

How often should I have a skin check?

During your skin check the doctor will determine your risk for developing skin cancer and depending on this risk you will be advised how often to have your skin checked. It is usual for skin checks to be done annually however some people require this to be done more frequently. We can send a reminder when this is due.

What is the cost of an initial skin check?

An initial comprehensive skin check costs $200. Subsequent skin checks are $160. Treatment, including cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen), may incur an additional charge.